A Horrible Waste of Time

My Rules

I will try and get this thing started.  First this is not a BLOG.  These are my rantings, ideas and whatever else I put down on it.  I am not posting to have you reply back to what I have said.  Yes, I do understand that this is selfish.  I am not trying to impress you or foster some kind of open discussion or to even allow another un-laid neo-fasciest tell me how I am wrong.  If you are one of “those kind” of people then try the hate mail.  Make it fun and you will get on my hate mail page.  If you think I am an idiot or afraid of what you have to say to me remember this, I have dealt with you sad bastards for the better part of the last ten years.  Now that I have a start and the rules are starting to form you need to do no more than read wait for me to piss you off.  I hope you enjoy and at the very least grin from time to time.

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This is an appeal to one person that I hope may still be watching

This may be a bit odd to many but some of you know why I am doing this.  Tricia if you see this send me an email.  The teal address is bouncing back.

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My last post needs to be edited

I am sorry to anyone that went through that but I need to clean that thing up and report.  I will work on the edit and get it reposted.  Again I am sorry for my lack of QC on that last post and will do better in the future.

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Do your DAMN job

OK this will be on the shorter side.  If you can legally vote where you are then you need to go VOTE.  Many of the folks I know that see this page have already voted, and thank you all for that.  Part one of your job is done, part two starts Wednesday.  This is my plea to to all those out there that I don’t know.  It is truly a shot in the dark at any unknown folks out there but if I do not try then I become part of the problem.

Please vote for Obama.  Why is simple.  He has been a great president despite the republican treason in the house.  Obama has accomplished many things in just four years.  The affordable care act (Obama care) is a great start to true medical reform.  Bin Laden is no longer a threat to anyone.  The world is no longer using our name as a punch line.  We are mostly out of Iraq.  Afghanistan is ending and will be complete before my oldest nephew graduates high school.  The middle-east and northern Africa are moving towards a democracy and in time they will rejoin the modern world.  I would love continue but that is a good start.

Don’t talk to me about the lair W. Mitt Romney.  If Romney will not give us any solid plans and changes position depending on who is is front of.  Not the man for our country.

3rd Parties.  I put them all in one.  Please if you are a 3rd party person build your party from the bottom up.  Stop just running for President.  I will gladly look at your party the day after you get 10% of the local political seats.  State house, State Senate, County Commissioners, Chief of police, Judges (in those states that elect judges), fucking dog catcher.  I don’t care if it is a shit job.  It shows that you are interested in becoming something other than a spoiler.  Those of you that vote for these ego centric ass holes have no right to bitch about anything the major parties do.  By the way if these folks are not ego centric ass holes then they are something much worse.

Now the final bit.  I am asking you to stand with me.  Vote for Obama.  Now if you don’t stand with me then stand with someone.  This is a line from the movie Sucker Punch; “if you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything”.  Please stand for something.  Stand for the women in your life.  Stand for your children.  Stand for your people.  Stand for your country.  Find what you truly care for and defend it.

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Fits and spirts

Well keeping the movement up has not worked well. I do have something to say today though.

I was sent to the Portland area this week and it got me thinking. Why do I feel so comfortable here in Portland?

After some time thinking I may have the answer. It was the first place I remember feeling “at home”. Not because the people were nice or anything like that but because the city seemed to get me (and I think it gets most people). I understand that this could all be childish nostalgia but I have thought about it quiet a bit and don’t think it is.

This last time I arrived, got the rental and started south of Portland around midnight. By the time I passed the 84 bridge downtown I felt like I was in a warm blanket. Even though the site was just south of Portland, I did not leave downtown. I don’t know why the city gets me but i must say thank you Portland for getting me.

For those that have made it this far I would ask you to think back and remember the first time you truly felt at home. If you find it hold onto it. I dropped mine a while back but I have it back now and hope this post will help me keep from dropping it again.

I get the odd nature of this post but those that know me will get 100% and I hope the others can at least get 10%. But in the end this blog is for me.

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Global climate change is going to be HELL

I am in Michigan in late July and it is hell. This afternoon it was 100 degrees according to the car. I am not sure as to how humid it was but Houston does not have shit on Battle Creek, MI. As far as I can tell this city does not get like this often enough to design cooling systems to support it. In TX and AZ every place I entered had a cooling system that could chill the face of the sun. The people I have surveyed are mixed but I have noticed a trend. The people 35 and older tell me it is not like this, while the 30 and younger say it is always like this. Either the younger are not old enough to remember a time before climate change, or they are just fucking idiots. My money is off the table because it is impossible for me to eliminate them just being stupid. If the children are our future then…..that is a different post entirely so I will save that for later. If we keep on this path where the temperature in Minneapolis during the summer regularly goes over 100 degrees then where the hell do I get to retire, Antarctica? Grass in the yard would be hard to grow, but then again that looks to be changing. I am not trying to change the world with this post but I needed to bitch.

FYI: this was composed and posted from my phone…like a douche. Although I love my new phone and it saved my ass more than once this trip. Viva phone 7.

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What have I become?

Well I have been asked to post more. Yes it was all of one person but it still was a request. So instead of sitting down and finding time I could set aside to post more often I did (and am doing) something I will mock on this blog. I am using my windows phone 7 device to do this post. I know I will mock myself or bitch about people that do what I am doing now but I am human. I will stipulate I am not the same as them because those people piss me off and I rarely get pissed at myself. I guess I will close this post with one final question.

Why in the HELL am I posting with my phone like a jackass?

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Why does downtime on a airline feel so wasted

If you are throwing the bullshit flag then stick with me.  I know we have all seen those people with binders and business laptops with excel or power point open on them.  I do give you that some people get some stuff done.  Most of the folk I have seen “working” in air are far from the useful type and I think many of them are trying to look cool more than working.  Now what I would say is that about 90-95% of the folks in air are doing nothing of value for anyone or themselves.  I see more Sky mall in hands than I do NY Times or USA Today or any thing  with real news.  Books are going away and the pad phase is not helping or replacing books.  I am making a general call to all who see this to help me come up with ideas to fix it.  Here is my idea; Have speakers or lectures in-flight and list them at time of booking.  All of the presentations must be interactive where the people can get involved.  The last part is for the topic to have some real value.  If you like what the topic is then join in the discussion and if it is shit go back to other things.  I would just like people to use this time and not just toss it away.

Yes not using this time well includes me.

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The log starts anew

I have not been too upbeat in my last few blogs.  It is not just because I am a natural ass-hole.  The life was not going well and the last job was slowly killing me.  I say last job because I have quit and moved on to the employer I planed on working for after departing the job I started this year with.  I know that is a little cryptic but I don’t want to ever have to hold my words about any of them, including the current, and the only people that need to know the names know them.  Once again this site is for me if you want a voice get your own site.  This new gig will either kill me quicker or help me make life better for all in the IT world.  I am trying for the former.  I will be traveling a lot for the new gig and will use this to keep those that care attuned to my mind set.  At this point it is upbeat and a little freaked.  I am on a plane going to learn what it is to do my job.  I have noticed that I am at this point I am able to get about 90% of what I needed packed.  I also noticed that the 10% I forgot is the 10% that I truly needed.  Shit happens and I will get better.  I am also rather sure the paperwork I did not bring can be reprinted on site.  Well I do not have a battery that lasts for ever and I am looking forward to doing some gaming on this long flight.  I am also waiting for the sun to drop and give me some relief from the glow to my left.  I also love to look at the US from the sky at night.  Next chance you get give it a try you may like it.  And with that I am out and will have something soon for those involved.

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Trying to keep up the momentum

I am not too sure what to include here but I am working on trying to keep up the posting more often.  This may be a bit free form with little to no substance.  So if you look at this for insight or the planned messages I normally include just skip this one.

I have seen some trending in this online life crap over the past few years and I don’t care for it.  I don’t care what you did this morning (if it is not different than any other morning) or any other part of your life that is not special.  To be completely honest I have stacks of crap working against me at this point in my life but there is no reason for me to sit here and post my daily activities.  If I see or do something special that the majority of people did not see or do today then I will post it.  I just don’t think most people care that your friends or family called, and we don’t care at all if we can scroll back in your log and see this is a regular thing.  Sadly the posts where people bitch about what they have allowed to happen to them are the more interesting bits of trash on the web.  Please do not think that I am talking about anyone that has any fatal or dibilitating illness that uses the web to reach out for support.  If you are capable of going outside what ever you live in, this is for you.  The other even more boring trash is when people use the web to tell friends and family what normal crap is taking place in their lives.  Like much of the world I understand not wanting to talk to friends, family and acquaintances.   Just stop using the web to not be a virtual shut in when you are a shut in in real life.  If you are a recluse then be a recluse.  If you have too many friends to give real personal attention to all of them then convert some to acquaintances.  Those that want to post online every small aspect of life (like when you went to the bathroom, what music you have playing on your DAMN iPod, that cool colored car that just drove past, what you just had for dinner, or any other crap you could just keep to yourself) detract from the information that we all could collect as thinking people.  What I am asking for is a lowering of the online background noise.  Here is a good rule of thumb, if you would only use what you are posting in a real person to real person conversation to fill lulls then DON’T POST IT.  It is inane and useless fluff.  Here is another rule, if you would not tell it to a person if you were talking to them in person then DON’T tell it to the web.  Come on you have to think for a second, if you post it online then everyone can see it.

If you feel you have to post random crap from your life try these things first.
1. get a blog that only contains you (so we can just avoid it)
2. put a message at the top that what follows is crap (again so we can avoid it)
3. go out and talk to real people before you post (maybe you will get some of that trash out of your system)
4. pick up a phone and call the people you MUST tell this crap so you don’t have to post it 
5. finally just think of something better to do with your life (like living it not typing it)

I know this is boring to many of you but it is something I had to get off my chest.  All the real life people conversation I have had about this have not satisfied my need to bitch about posting abuse.  With that said I am done and hope I am not now guilty of the same thing that pisses me off.

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Lets all hope I am not just dreaming again

I have a new toy and that toy should help me be more active on my site and this blog as well.  If I am right then this whole thing should be changing faster and with less work on my part.  I am not one to piss away time and if my new toy gives me back time then I will give it to my site and those (if more than one person) that look at my site.

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