A Horrible Waste of Time

My Rules

I will try and get this thing started.  First this is not a BLOG.  These are my rantings, ideas and whatever else I put down on it.  I am not posting to have you reply back to what I have said.  Yes, I do understand that this is selfish.  I am not trying to impress you or foster some kind of open discussion or to even allow another un-laid neo-fasciest tell me how I am wrong.  If you are one of “those kind” of people then try the hate mail.  Make it fun and you will get on my hate mail page.  If you think I am an idiot or afraid of what you have to say to me remember this, I have dealt with you sad bastards for the better part of the last ten years.  Now that I have a start and the rules are starting to form you need to do no more than read wait for me to piss you off.  I hope you enjoy and at the very least grin from time to time.

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