A Horrible Waste of Time

Trying to keep up the momentum

I am not too sure what to include here but I am working on trying to keep up the posting more often.  This may be a bit free form with little to no substance.  So if you look at this for insight or the planned messages I normally include just skip this one.

I have seen some trending in this online life crap over the past few years and I don’t care for it.  I don’t care what you did this morning (if it is not different than any other morning) or any other part of your life that is not special.  To be completely honest I have stacks of crap working against me at this point in my life but there is no reason for me to sit here and post my daily activities.  If I see or do something special that the majority of people did not see or do today then I will post it.  I just don’t think most people care that your friends or family called, and we don’t care at all if we can scroll back in your log and see this is a regular thing.  Sadly the posts where people bitch about what they have allowed to happen to them are the more interesting bits of trash on the web.  Please do not think that I am talking about anyone that has any fatal or dibilitating illness that uses the web to reach out for support.  If you are capable of going outside what ever you live in, this is for you.  The other even more boring trash is when people use the web to tell friends and family what normal crap is taking place in their lives.  Like much of the world I understand not wanting to talk to friends, family and acquaintances.   Just stop using the web to not be a virtual shut in when you are a shut in in real life.  If you are a recluse then be a recluse.  If you have too many friends to give real personal attention to all of them then convert some to acquaintances.  Those that want to post online every small aspect of life (like when you went to the bathroom, what music you have playing on your DAMN iPod, that cool colored car that just drove past, what you just had for dinner, or any other crap you could just keep to yourself) detract from the information that we all could collect as thinking people.  What I am asking for is a lowering of the online background noise.  Here is a good rule of thumb, if you would only use what you are posting in a real person to real person conversation to fill lulls then DON’T POST IT.  It is inane and useless fluff.  Here is another rule, if you would not tell it to a person if you were talking to them in person then DON’T tell it to the web.  Come on you have to think for a second, if you post it online then everyone can see it.

If you feel you have to post random crap from your life try these things first.
1. get a blog that only contains you (so we can just avoid it)
2. put a message at the top that what follows is crap (again so we can avoid it)
3. go out and talk to real people before you post (maybe you will get some of that trash out of your system)
4. pick up a phone and call the people you MUST tell this crap so you don’t have to post it 
5. finally just think of something better to do with your life (like living it not typing it)

I know this is boring to many of you but it is something I had to get off my chest.  All the real life people conversation I have had about this have not satisfied my need to bitch about posting abuse.  With that said I am done and hope I am not now guilty of the same thing that pisses me off.

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