A Horrible Waste of Time

The log starts anew

I have not been too upbeat in my last few blogs.  It is not just because I am a natural ass-hole.  The life was not going well and the last job was slowly killing me.  I say last job because I have quit and moved on to the employer I planed on working for after departing the job I started this year with.  I know that is a little cryptic but I don’t want to ever have to hold my words about any of them, including the current, and the only people that need to know the names know them.  Once again this site is for me if you want a voice get your own site.  This new gig will either kill me quicker or help me make life better for all in the IT world.  I am trying for the former.  I will be traveling a lot for the new gig and will use this to keep those that care attuned to my mind set.  At this point it is upbeat and a little freaked.  I am on a plane going to learn what it is to do my job.  I have noticed that I am at this point I am able to get about 90% of what I needed packed.  I also noticed that the 10% I forgot is the 10% that I truly needed.  Shit happens and I will get better.  I am also rather sure the paperwork I did not bring can be reprinted on site.  Well I do not have a battery that lasts for ever and I am looking forward to doing some gaming on this long flight.  I am also waiting for the sun to drop and give me some relief from the glow to my left.  I also love to look at the US from the sky at night.  Next chance you get give it a try you may like it.  And with that I am out and will have something soon for those involved.

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