A Horrible Waste of Time

Why does downtime on a airline feel so wasted

If you are throwing the bullshit flag then stick with me.  I know we have all seen those people with binders and business laptops with excel or power point open on them.  I do give you that some people get some stuff done.  Most of the folk I have seen “working” in air are far from the useful type and I think many of them are trying to look cool more than working.  Now what I would say is that about 90-95% of the folks in air are doing nothing of value for anyone or themselves.  I see more Sky mall in hands than I do NY Times or USA Today or any thing  with real news.  Books are going away and the pad phase is not helping or replacing books.  I am making a general call to all who see this to help me come up with ideas to fix it.  Here is my idea; Have speakers or lectures in-flight and list them at time of booking.  All of the presentations must be interactive where the people can get involved.  The last part is for the topic to have some real value.  If you like what the topic is then join in the discussion and if it is shit go back to other things.  I would just like people to use this time and not just toss it away.

Yes not using this time well includes me.

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