A Horrible Waste of Time

Global climate change is going to be HELL

I am in Michigan in late July and it is hell. This afternoon it was 100 degrees according to the car. I am not sure as to how humid it was but Houston does not have shit on Battle Creek, MI. As far as I can tell this city does not get like this often enough to design cooling systems to support it. In TX and AZ every place I entered had a cooling system that could chill the face of the sun. The people I have surveyed are mixed but I have noticed a trend. The people 35 and older tell me it is not like this, while the 30 and younger say it is always like this. Either the younger are not old enough to remember a time before climate change, or they are just fucking idiots. My money is off the table because it is impossible for me to eliminate them just being stupid. If the children are our future then…..that is a different post entirely so I will save that for later. If we keep on this path where the temperature in Minneapolis during the summer regularly goes over 100 degrees then where the hell do I get to retire, Antarctica? Grass in the yard would be hard to grow, but then again that looks to be changing. I am not trying to change the world with this post but I needed to bitch.

FYI: this was composed and posted from my phone…like a douche. Although I love my new phone and it saved my ass more than once this trip. Viva phone 7.

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