A Horrible Waste of Time

Fits and spirts

Well keeping the movement up has not worked well. I do have something to say today though.

I was sent to the Portland area this week and it got me thinking. Why do I feel so comfortable here in Portland?

After some time thinking I may have the answer. It was the first place I remember feeling “at home”. Not because the people were nice or anything like that but because the city seemed to get me (and I think it gets most people). I understand that this could all be childish nostalgia but I have thought about it quiet a bit and don’t think it is.

This last time I arrived, got the rental and started south of Portland around midnight. By the time I passed the 84 bridge downtown I felt like I was in a warm blanket. Even though the site was just south of Portland, I did not leave downtown. I don’t know why the city gets me but i must say thank you Portland for getting me.

For those that have made it this far I would ask you to think back and remember the first time you truly felt at home. If you find it hold onto it. I dropped mine a while back but I have it back now and hope this post will help me keep from dropping it again.

I get the odd nature of this post but those that know me will get 100% and I hope the others can at least get 10%. But in the end this blog is for me.

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