A Horrible Waste of Time

Do your DAMN job

OK this will be on the shorter side.  If you can legally vote where you are then you need to go VOTE.  Many of the folks I know that see this page have already voted, and thank you all for that.  Part one of your job is done, part two starts Wednesday.  This is my plea to to all those out there that I don’t know.  It is truly a shot in the dark at any unknown folks out there but if I do not try then I become part of the problem.

Please vote for Obama.  Why is simple.  He has been a great president despite the republican treason in the house.  Obama has accomplished many things in just four years.  The affordable care act (Obama care) is a great start to true medical reform.  Bin Laden is no longer a threat to anyone.  The world is no longer using our name as a punch line.  We are mostly out of Iraq.  Afghanistan is ending and will be complete before my oldest nephew graduates high school.  The middle-east and northern Africa are moving towards a democracy and in time they will rejoin the modern world.  I would love continue but that is a good start.

Don’t talk to me about the lair W. Mitt Romney.  If Romney will not give us any solid plans and changes position depending on who is is front of.  Not the man for our country.

3rd Parties.  I put them all in one.  Please if you are a 3rd party person build your party from the bottom up.  Stop just running for President.  I will gladly look at your party the day after you get 10% of the local political seats.  State house, State Senate, County Commissioners, Chief of police, Judges (in those states that elect judges), fucking dog catcher.  I don’t care if it is a shit job.  It shows that you are interested in becoming something other than a spoiler.  Those of you that vote for these ego centric ass holes have no right to bitch about anything the major parties do.  By the way if these folks are not ego centric ass holes then they are something much worse.

Now the final bit.  I am asking you to stand with me.  Vote for Obama.  Now if you don’t stand with me then stand with someone.  This is a line from the movie Sucker Punch; “if you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything”.  Please stand for something.  Stand for the women in your life.  Stand for your children.  Stand for your people.  Stand for your country.  Find what you truly care for and defend it.

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