A Horrible Waste of Time

A plea for sanity

Today in the United States of America a radical cult is attempting a coup. This cult at this point has injured several people. They should understand that this is not going to succeed.

The next thing they should understand is that this kind of action is going to hurt them, their family, those they care for and their neighbors. With these kind of action the only way out is to stop immediately. The must disarm and peacefully accept arrest.

The Cabinet or the VP must immediately remove Donald from his position under the 25th amendment. House Republicans must support the Cabinet or VP’s call for immediate removal of Donald. If the Cabinet or VP does not do this then all republicans should call for Donald to resign immediately.

If you are reading this and are in a state with a House Member or Senator that was supporting the disqualification of the lawful votes in several states then please call their local offices and respectfully ask them to resign immediately.

If you are in an elected position and do not support democratic elections then resign your position. I get it, losing sucks. I get that losing power when power is what you covet the most, it sucks even more. Show some grace and dignity. Make your last political action a respectable action.

I do not wish to see the end of the Republican Party but if this is what they want to be then the GOP is over. As a country we do best when we temper our liberal soul with conservative minds. This GOP is not conservative. They sold their souls to conman. Should the GOP not fight these actions they are damning themselves and their party to the perdition they deserve.

Please take a moment to wish well those who have been injured today, for their families and for those that care for them. We have shared enough pain. Let all share some compassion and maybe heal from this.

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