A Horrible Waste of Time

Stop the HATE……”and the DAMN dancing”

This is not what you may at first think.  After all I have many things in my rules but none of it would suggest that I am not for the HATE.  Just read on and see if someone like me can surprise you.

  All I am asking for at this point is that we all take a step back and think for a second.  Lets all stop hating based only on the name, job, color, gender, sexual orientation political persuasion or any other things I forgot.  We all have better things to do.  If I can put up with bickers with pipes that are so deafening that the deaf can hear them, and the cyclists that have little respect for the life they claim to be living then you can stop too.  If we could all stop answering questions before they are asked and maybe have a discussion about REAL issues and not just the emotions around those issues then we may be able to go forward.

And thanks for the dancing thing Aaron.

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My Rules

I will try and get this thing started.  First this is not a BLOG.  These are my rantings, ideas and whatever else I put down on it.  I am not posting to have you reply back to what I have said.  Yes, I do understand that this is selfish.  I am not trying to impress you or foster some kind of open discussion or to even allow another un-laid neo-fasciest tell me how I am wrong.  If you are one of “those kind” of people then try the hate mail.  Make it fun and you will get on my hate mail page.  If you think I am an idiot or afraid of what you have to say to me remember this, I have dealt with you sad bastards for the better part of the last ten years.  Now that I have a start and the rules are starting to form you need to do no more than read wait for me to piss you off.  I hope you enjoy and at the very least grin from time to time.

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